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Why Do we Have a 50-Hour Week?

This is one of the most popular questions our new customers ask us because everyone is used to 40-hours weeks that are prevalent in the US. There are two reasons why our professionals work 50 hours per week. In the most countries where our professionals reside, 50-hour weeks are standard and considered a regular work wee, and jobs with a 40-hour week is seen as part-time employment. Therefore, professionals in those countries, when ask to work for only 40 hours per week, tend to look for an additional 10-15 hours part-time job. This takes their focus away from your needs and waters down their commitment. Therefore, having experienced many issues when we just started our company and were not aware of this, we decided to do what’s best for our clients and introduced a 50-hour week. Our professionals welcomed this decision and our clients have reported significant increase in motivation and productivity, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

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We believe that if we treat our customers right, they will stay with us and will become successful with our support. Therefore, we are transparent, upfront, and helpful, and on a mission to find the best staffing solution for you. We don’t ask you to enter any long-term commitments with us and won’t lock you into a cumbersome contract you can’t get our of when your needs change. We even offer free professional consultations to our clients when they are looking to scale up, re-organize, or downside their business and promise to be honest with you and offer you the best possible solution no matter what’s your current situation. This is why our customers stay with us and recommend us to their friends and professional networks. Our service is simple and honest, and customers trust us because they see that we that we are here to support them through their ups and downs. Contact us today to see the difference we can make, send us a WhatsApp message now to start transforming your business.

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