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Martyna ChMartyna Ch
18:34 02 Apr 24
Exceptional service! The team at OutSta went above and beyond to understand our company's needs and provided top-notch candidates who were not only highly qualified but also a perfect cultural fit. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and responsiveness made the entire process seamless. Highly recommend their services!
Johnnatan ValenciaJohnnatan Valencia
17:57 02 Apr 24
The whole team is warm, cool and very professional. They care about clients and people looking for remote jobs. Definitely a no-brainer if you're looking for remote staffing solutions for your company and on the job side they have great benefits and roles! Hats off guys to the great work!
Steven SánchezSteven Sánchez
19:27 15 Mar 24
Great place to partner with.
Ronica RichardsonRonica Richardson
01:29 19 Oct 21
The team here is so professional and friendly. They helped me help a great friend with their staffing needs. I'm looking for an excuse to use them again
daniel berrebidaniel berrebi
18:13 08 Aug 21
We needed the urgent help of an construction engineer to help us with plumbing and electrical plans -100 per cent satisfied /we are now getting the help of an accounting assistant
Mariana TiradoMariana Tirado
00:06 10 Nov 20
Adam and his team are truly top of the line! I needed to hire someone qualified in a hurry and Adam and his team had two qualified candidates in less than 24 hours. He listened to what I wanted and matched me with exactly what I needed. The process was easy and smooth I HIGHLY recommend them to busy profesionals looking to hire quality employees. Thank you so much!
chanan shwartzchanan shwartz
18:18 21 Oct 20
Signing up was quick and efficient. Everyone was very confident and professional, I now see why. Response time and quality of service is on point. Your services gave me the ability to grow effortlessly. You have managed to fill all the void’s in my company and we highly recommend your company to everyone.
Merave IvgiMerave Ivgi
14:27 14 Oct 20
I found out about Zoomployee right when the pandemic occurred. It was really convenient for expanding during the pandemic. It was extremely simple to sign up and it took less than five minutes. Their representatives greeted me with respect and courtesy through all steps. They always responded quickly. Their staffing solution helped us solve our limited office space problem. My overall experience has been amazing and I would totally recommend if your looking to grow your business in a professional standpoint. They have truly exceeded my expectations when it comes to attending my every need and following my instructions as well as giving me information that can help me grow professionally.

Hire Remotely

We understand finding reliable and
skilled overseas talent can be daunting.

English Proficiency

Our candidates are not only skilled but also boast excellent English skills and are seasoned in remote working environments.

Diverse Talent Pool

Whether it’s sales, operations, legal, customer support, finance, marketing, or creative roles, we have the right talent for
your needs.

Cultural Harmony

Our team embodies cultural harmony, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We value inclusivity and collaboration, fostering an environment where every voice is heard and respected. With a shared commitment to excellence and understanding, we cultivate a workplace culture that celebrates diversity and promotes unity in achieving our goals.

Experienced Remote Staff

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If you need to fill one of the roles below, we have pre-qualified candidates ready to be interviewed today.

Remote Staffing Solution: How it Works

Step # 1

Begin by clicking the 'Hire now' button. Share the details of the position you're looking to fill. We'll set up a conversation to deeply understand your business needs, the specific role, and the qualities you seek
in a candidate.

Step # 2

Our team starts the meticulous process of scouting for the right talent. We conduct comprehensive interviews and rigorous screenings, focusing on finding individuals who are not just skill-fit but also align with your company's ethos and values.

Step # 3

After our targeted search, we narrow down to the top three candidates that best match your criteria. We facilitate the interview process, offering support and advice to help you make an informed decision.

Step # 4

Once you've selected the perfect candidate, we'll assist you in integrating the new hire into your team, ensuring a smooth transition and alignment with your business objectives. This step marks the beginning of a new chapter of growth and innovation for your company, as you empower your team with fresh talent and drive towards success.

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